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These really are not pleasant insects to have in the home and the best way to avoid attracting them is good old fashioned cleaning.


Starting with Cockroaches the two most common in this country are The German about 12mm long and is a light yellowish brown this one is very often found in kitchens ( including behind cookers and fridges ) then there is the Oriental which is dark brown and around 30mm long this is not as often seen in the kitchen but the airing cupboard or bathroom. These insects are more active at night and have very long antennae.


Flies, Common House fly , Lesser House Fly, Fruit Fly, Bluebottle, Yellow dung fly and so the list goes on, flies just love our waste be it food, packaging, vegetable peelings etc, so it is a case of emptying the indoor bins daily and then cleaning them if necessary, keeping the lid closed on the outside bin and regular cleaning of the outside bins and bin area. If you are in an area where flies are in abundance then the use of quality fly traps, fly papers and insect treatments can be used.

The Cluster fly however is a bit different in that it is not classed as a “ filth fly “ , the larvae are internal parasites of earthworms and the adults will overwinter in loft spaces and when they emerge they can be seen in their hundreds. A space spray treatment with both a knockdown and residual effect is very often used to deal with these flies.

Pest Control Services for Cockroaches and Fly Infestations

As a professional pest control contractor, SJA should be called if you have an infestation of cockroaches, flies or other flying insects. We use professional pest control treatments that will remove the infestation. We service clients all over West Norfolk from our King's Lynn base - from Downham Market, Fakenham, Swaffham, Wisbech, Hunstanton, Terrington and everywhere in between.

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Our pest control services are provided across West Norfolk including King's Lynn, Downham Market, Fakenham, West Winch, Terrington, Hunstanton, Swaffham & Wisbech. Whether you have an emergency pest problem, or have noticed an infestation, contact us so we can control, treat and remove the problem.

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