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Firstly don’t panic as although bed bugs are on the increase it is not as bad as the industry first thought it was going to be. Furthermore even if you do encounter these insects they can be eliminated from your home by using various thorough treatments.

What type of insect are they?

They are a nocturnal, non-flying small oval shaped flat insect about 6mm long that feed on the blood of mammals (human is their favourite).

So how do you get them?

Very often from public places such as transport, hotels (even the top quality ones).

How do I know they’re there?

As they are nocturnal very often you will see the signs of them before you see the insect. Some of the signs are finding bites on yourself in the morning (typically a hard white swelling) and “spotting“ on your bed clothes and around the skirting board (“spotting“ this is a small red pin head spot of blood that the bedbug has deposited after feeding).

How do I identify a bedbug?

If you think you have bedbugs you can try to put double sided tape around the bed legs, then as they climb onto the bed some will stick to the tape, giving you an insect sample to inspect.
 There are also some very good quality monitoring traps available to assist with bedbug detection. If you do think that you have bedbugs in just one bedroom then it is best not to change the room that you are sleeping in as they will soon find you and therefore become even more widespread around your home.

What do I do if I think I have a bedbug infestation?

Call a SJA pest control if you have a bed bug issue. As a registered pest control professional we have the knowledge and treatments to control the infestation - insecticide treatments will be required. Usually two or more treatments and all clothes and bedding will need washing at 60 degrees minimum, dry cleaning or steam laundering. We operate throughout West Norfolk for all types of pest control. If you live in or around King's Lynn, Fakenham, Swaffham, Hunstanton, Wells or Wisbech then contact us so that we can rid you of the bed bugs for good.

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