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Bees (Honey & Bumble)

These are the two most common types of bee you will find and although both are capable of stinging they will only do so if threatened or disturbed. The Honey Bee is quite small about 12mm long and has black and dark yellow / orange stripes. Before attempting to deal with Honey Bees it is always best to seek the advice of a Beekeeper but most importantly we should never just spray them with insecticide as these are a valuable insect and incorrect use of insecticide can result in a great many of hives being destroyed.

Bumble Bee’s are the large furry ones which look as if they are too big to fly ( which technically they are ), these too are very reluctant to sting and as their nests only contain 200 to 400 and will naturally die out in the winter if possible they are best left alone, however if they are a worry or if you are allergic to their stings then it is possible for them to be removed and relocated ( a service which I offer )


Now these do and will sting so it is best not to annoy them. Wasps usually become a problem towards the end of Summer when their food supplies are short so they will go for anything with a high sugar content such as sweet foods and drinks. They make their nests by chewing up wood which they then make into paper, very often the nests are like footballs and can be found in trees, lofts or even in the ground, it is true that a nest can contain as many as 20,000 wasps but the normal amount is between 2,000 and 5,000. Treatment is usually done before dawn or after dusk when most of the wasps will be in their nests using a powder or spray, if you have a ground nest which is near a fish pond in order to protect the fish I offer a service where i remove the nest without using any insecticide.

Wasp & Bee Control Services from SJA

If you have a wasp nest, bee nest or an issue with bees or wasps, please contact us. Based in King's Lynn we cover West Norfolk and have the expereince and skils to treat, control and remove your bee and wasp problems. We have worked for many customers across Norfolk with stinging insect problems, some from the following locations; Downham Market, Swaffham, Fakenham, Hunstanton, West Winch, Terrington and Wisbech.

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Our pest control services are provided across West Norfolk including King's Lynn, Downham Market, Fakenham, West Winch, Terrington, Hunstanton, Swaffham & Wisbech. Whether you have an emergency pest problem, or have noticed an infestation, contact us so we can control, treat and remove the problem.

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