Ants, Beetles, Moths and Weevils Pest Control Service in Norfolk

Ants, Beetles, Moths and Weevils are insects which every so often can become a problem to us, so this is just a very brief introduction to them.


The one we are most likely to encounter is the Garden Ant which usually nests outside but will enter buildings through the smallest of cracks in the search of food and will soon find anything sweet that is easy for it to access.

Beetles, Weevils and Moths.

There are many types of these insects but very few which are a problem to us, the ones which are include various carpet and furniture beetles / house and clothes moths, in this case it is the larvae that cause the damage by eating their way through natural fibres ie wools, cottons leather etc. Then there are the ones known as “ stored product “ pests which have in their number grain weevils and the confused flour beetle. Key to successful elimination of these pests should you encounter them is to firstly get a positive identification of the insect and then from there a treatment programme can be decided on.

Pest Control Services for Ants, Beetles, Weevils and Moths

SJA is a professional pest control contractor working throughout West Norfolk and based in King's Lynn. If you have an insect infestation that you need controlling we are have the skills and experience to solve your problems. We work throughout West Norfolk with some common locations being King's Lynn, Downham Market, Wisbech, Swaffham, Fakenham, Hunstanton, West Winch and Terrington.

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Our pest control services are provided across West Norfolk including King's Lynn, Downham Market, Fakenham, West Winch, Terrington, Hunstanton, Swaffham & Wisbech. Whether you have an emergency pest problem, or have noticed an infestation, contact us so we can control, treat and remove the problem.

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